Reactive Bonds
3-day workshop
the relationship between humans and technology in a fictional future
Technology keeps taking us further away from our humanity, but why not let it bring it back to us?
We have all the mediums to connect with the entire world and live globally. This same technology can allow us to connect with ourselves emotionally.
Are we going towards
a hiper-sensory reality?
Do we need to store our emotions in a virtual space to feel lighter?
Will it be possible to substitute our feelings on the net?
What if we could choose when to feel certain emotions?
Would this make them more real? More functional?
More human?
EIV Experience
(Emotional Injection Virtuality)
EIV is a physical space that allows us to return the most human self.
It’s an installation of emotional stimulation in a simulated virtuality.
The technological gurus of our times foresee a future totally immersed in technology; the internet will be like air and we will travel virtually. In this context we’ve predicted the need for a new technology that will reconnect individuals with their human essence. On the other side, Hume defines senses as a door to conscience and reflection through experience.
Based on this we’ve developed three devices which by means of senses achieve the transition from a state of alienation into the rehabilitation of the actual self.
EIV Experience
The devices were made in two days from noise-cancelling headphones and other materials easily found around the team in the city.
The experience was represented as a performance in Mazda Space after a conference by Fiona Raby, from Dunne & Raby studio.
Work process: how this happened in 1 week
Organisers: FAD + Mazda
Tutor: Elena Bartomeu
Location: Ah Um